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Zayda Technologies' flagship offering, shattering threat detection times from months to seconds.

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What sets us apart?

Zavánt, fueled by our propietary Neural Vision Technology®, sees all types of live threats in the blink of an eye, as they are happening--even the unknown unknowns--then automatically surfaces them, prioritizes them and pinpoints the root cause with surgical-like accuracy.

Neural Vision Technology®

  • Visualization of internal computer processes in a way humans can understand

  • Real-time ingestion of raw events from network endpoints; 10,000 logs per endpoint per second

  • Enrichment and correlation of events into cohesive relationships (neurons)

  • In-stream detection and behavioral analysis of anomalous data from correlated events

  • Dynamic risk scoring of processes, neurons and hosts

  • Automated identification and creation of potential security incidents

  • Aligned with MITRE ATT&CK framework

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sees all types of risks




Zero Day Exploits

DNS Attacks


Fileless UAC Bypass


Social Engineering

SQL Injection

Denial of Service

Insider Threats

See Zavánt's Neural Vision Technology®
in Action

Industries We Serve

Critical Infrastructure

Financial Services

Industrial Controls


Retail & Hospitality




Benefits for Your Entire Organization

SOC Operators
and Analysts

Security staff are drowning in noise and false positives from their current solutions.

Zavánt overcomes false positives by automatically surfacing and prioritizing risk incidents visually, so they know exactly where to take action. The system can immediately drill down to the root cause of any threat without tedious, manual processes.

CISO's and Risk Officers

CISO's, CSO's, CRO's and other executives responsible for cybersecurity are under extreme pressure to protect digital assets.


With Zavánt, they will finally have the capabilities to thwart threats long before a negative impact on their organization.

C-Suite and Boards

With enormous pressure on not only an organization's security team but also on the C-suite and board members, Zavánt's immediate detection capabilities equate to immediate remediation. 


Zavánt provides stronger controls, better overall governance, and significantly reduced risk and exposure. 


Every organization needs Zavánt's advanced detection capabilities

We can help you determine what delivery option is right for your business, whether on-premise or cloud.

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