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Our Mission

Who We Are

We’re an ambitious and smart team
 with a shared mission

Zayda Technologies is committed to protecting the world’s infrastructure and digital assets. By empowering organizations to use our technology, companies can turn the tables on cyber attackers, stopping threats long before they have any negative impacts.

170+ years

of account management experience


multi-billion dollar enterprises

5+ years

of product development


With 50+ years' experience as a visionary and technology pioneer with many "firsts", Bahram has spent his entire career successfully identifying, building and managing leading disruptive technology companies, taking them through high valuation IOP's and lucrative exits for investors.

Bahram Yusefzadeh
Founder and Executive Chairman


Every organization needs Zavánt's advanced detection capabilities

We can help you determine what delivery option is right for your business, whether on-premise or cloud.

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