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Shattering Time
to Detection from
Months to Seconds

Detection speed is the holy grail of cybersecurity.

To thwart a cyber attack, an organization must see
when the adversary establishes their initial foothold. 

Current Cybersecurity Solutions are not working


average number of weekly attacks per organization

9+ Months

average time to detect and remediate a breach


average cost of data breach globally


expected cost of cybersecurity

by 2026


The disruptive new cybersecurity technology that sees risk and shatters speed-to-detection times from months to seconds. 

Eye 1 b and w,.jpg

Neural Vision Technology®

Our computer vision technology automates the detection process, enabling continuous monitoring of digital environments and prompt identification of suspicious behavior.

Rapid & Precise Accuracy

Fueled by our propietary Neural Vision Technology®, Zavánt sees live threats in the blink of an eye, as they are happening, and then automatically surfaces them, prioritizes them, and pinpoints the root cause with surgical-like accuracy.

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Stream Time Processing

Delivering comprehensive capabilities to defend against cyber attacks, Zavánt rapidly identifies threat behavior through the correlation and analysis of machine-driven data. Zavánt parses, analyzes, and correlates data while the data is still in motion.

SOC Operations Team Support

Zavánt's neural network and machine-learning capabilities minimize false-positive threat alerts and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of SOC operations teams while maximizing confidence in, and accuracy of, reported threat incidents.


"Computer vision enables real-time threat response and mitigation by identifying and analyzing threats as they occur."

Zayda Technologies' flagship offering, Zavánt, is the solution, reducing Time to Detection (T2D) from months to seconds.

What is Time to Detection (T2D)?

The time between when an adversary establishes their initial foothold to carry out a cyber attack and the time it takes to detect it.


Zavánt begins potential breach diagnosis in mere seconds & completes identification in under two minutes.

Without Zavánt

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

Month 6

Month 7

Threat actors infiltrate your network

Threat actors seek and exploit vulnerabilities

of your network

Threat actors attack your network

Threat actors steal or damage data


Every organization needs Zavánt's advanced detection capabilities

We can help you determine what delivery option is right for your business, whether on-premise or cloud.

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